Turtles Arena vs. Undecided
Contestants Parameters
 2.  18.

 Turtles Arena
Status: closed
MatchID 14831710
Date Wednesday, 05 August 22:00
Calculated Thursday, 06 August 00:59
thirdmap qzdm20 (Hidden Fortress)
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Result Media
qzca2 (Trinity) 103 : 205
qzdm6 (Campgrounds Redux) 83 : 193
Undecided wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 06 August 00:56
Round 1*
80 kB, Thursday, 06 August 00:56, by 4122647 ([U])
Thursday, 06 August 00:56
Round 2*
85 kB, Thursday, 06 August 00:56, by 4122647 ([U])
* No longer available

Turtles Arena

comments (9)

I just suggested a new date, please suggest another date, if you can't play at that date or time. A later time would be no problem for us. We prefer to play on Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday.
Moday/Tuesday are now full, already. What about Wednesday 22 cet?
wednesday 22 cet is ok for us.
can you please change the match to that date in your "open matches" -> "confirm challenge"
accepted. Cya tomorrow, feel free to add me at QL: rondrian else I also will be at your IRC channel.
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gg, gl with the next matches
gG cu on CTF
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