CTF PQL Night Cup I
It has been a while... but we are back with cups! Our first Night Cup is dedicated to all the CTFers. This time not the normal CTF, but PQL active! Depending on the sign ups, different skill divisions will be made. It could be that small divisions become a Double Elimination bracket. For more info, please check out this post!
CTF PQL Night Cup I Information

Start: Sunday 29.01.2012
  • 20:00CET

  • Single Elimination: 8 teams / bracket (Best of Three)

Questions ? IRC #esl.quakelive or Support ticket

  • Quake Live username added
  • Team Shorthand
Sign-Up: NOW till 29.01.2012

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kwatsch, Monday, 23/01/12 12:58
comments (3)
Finally :) Will this be regulary now? :P
Yes, we will host them regularly thought we need teams then ;) so spread the word I would say!
This is sad.. i posted it on the QL boards to win some participants.. but still 0? :o

I'm still talking with teammates if they want to play.. the problem is, it is with PQL and not everyone played with it.. maybe u should organize cups with normal settings ;)
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