CC2011 - Juven1le Interview
Right after his captain, it's the turn of the mighty Danish Juven1le to answer our questions. His team will face France in the Final of the Country Championship TDM 2011!

Interview with Rasmus '4295115' Andersen (config)

ESL: Hej! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your Quake career.

Juven1le: I'm Rasmus Andersen and I'm 21 years old. I started playing Quake Live with an account called "destruckt0r" back then I only thought I would play the game for fun, I really liked the game so I made a serious account. then I was lucky enough to meet smuf on a public TDM server with whom I talked about joining e-violence, I got experience and just kept building on my game then I played with METSU for EMS and decided to stay in that clan, we went to DH Summer 2011 and had some good placements in different cups.

ESL: You just beat the favorites, all mighty Swedes, in the semi final of the ESL Country Championship. Congratulations! Now, how did you do that?

Juven1le: Well I was expecting a defeat, but somehow we had a really good osp5 (Deep Inside) play standing at rail holding it down most of the map. The swedes only seemed to have underestimated us maybe - throwing away some frags. We just had good teamplay and exooo was really kicking it up a notch. The dm20 was much closer - but again we came out on top with some good teamplay. I would have liked to hit some more rails but the shape isn't really there yet.

ESL: What do you think makes your team so good? How do you play as a team, who are the key players in the team and what is your role in the team?

Juven1le: Well our team has got a lot better lately, before it was mainly me and 1730660 doing all the heavy pulling. Now we have 2621764 who use to play CTF with k1ck and he has got TDM active and is a key player on the team now - same goes for 5142849. So it really helps having 4 TDM'ers in the team, and I think the team has got as good as it is because of that just more active danish TDM players.
My role on the team is just being all around I think, usually we discuss positions how to play and lay it out before a match. Don't want to give to much away since we still have a final to play :P

ESL: Yesterday France won over the UK in the other semi final, so you will meet France in the grand final of this Country Championship. Did you expect the French to win? Did you watch the game? And what do you think are your chances to beat them in the final after having lost to them in group stage?

Juven1le: Well it's hard to judge, I think France are the favorites going in to the match which is to our advantage. We can play more relaxed since a second place is fairly good for us. I didn't watch the game lvl^ weren't streaming so I decided to just look over the end results. As for our chances I think we can put up a fight, I haven't seen if 4056752 and winz are in shape. If that's the case it's an uphill battle for us.

ESL: How did you like the ESL Country Championship so far? Do you have any feedback on format, map pool, seedings, coverage or overall organization?

Juven1le: I really liked the schedule of the CC well planned. It's always enjoyable to play with your nation so can't really complain, as always I enjoy the coverage of Disrepute and vor_ always doing an outstanding job. Though I would like to request dm6 (Campgrounds) back in future map pools :b, besides that I think it has been a great ESL CC.

ESL: Thanks for the interview and good luck for the finals! Any last words?

Juven1le: U mad sweden?
xou, Wednesday, 05/10/11 16:39
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