Duel Summer League 2011
Begin July the ESL QL will kick off with its Duel Summer League. Do you have some spare time to play one match a week in a groupstage followed by a playoffs? Then don't hesitate to sign up! Depending on sign ups, skill divisions will be made. More info about the groupstage and the correct prize distribution will follow after the sign ups are closed.

Summer League 2011

Sign up!

Take part and win!
Sign up: till Thursday 07/07
Start: Thursday, 14 July
Time: 21:00 CEST
Size: no limit
Structure: Groupstage

Basic rules:

Mode: Best of Three
Map2Play: Eliminate, Pick, Eliminate, Overtime
First to eliminate: decided by pummel
MatchMedia: necessary in case of protest

Map List:

Aerowalk, Blood Run
Furious Heights, Hektik
Lost World, Toxicity
Vertical Vengeance


Summer League 2011

   1st 4 months
   2nd 3 months
   3rd 1 month

The award and the Premium will only be rewarded if a minimum of 16 players participate. Currently the Premium has been set to 64 players! This can change depending on sign ups!

kwatsch, Tuesday, 28/06/11 13:32
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cmon guys :)
Nice idea! love it!
We must show that Quake Live is still there kickin! Support it!
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