Clan Arena 2on2 Night Cup #1
We are happy to announce first ESL tournament in 2011. It will be Clan Arena 2on2. And we got some prizes for you. :)


Clan Arena 2on2 Night Cup #1

Date: 15.01.2011
Check-in: 18:30 - 18:50 CET
Start: 19:00 CET

Max Teams: 32 - 2on2
Cup format: Single Elimination
Match format: First round bo1, 2-4 rounds bo3 and final bo5.
Rules: -> Read
Meeting place: #esl.quakelive on Quakenet
Questions? Forum and Support Ticket

This time we have small money prizes for the winners.
1st Place: 100 Euro
2nd Place: 50 Euro





Hell's Gate

Three Story

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Azaro, Sunday, 02/01/11 07:41
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Nice! Though we can't participate because of the premium restriction.
There is no premium restriction. :)
According to the rules:

Membership Level: Premium
Its server configuration, and it means that premium maps can be played on server, you need invite to this server tho.

Great cup =P I thought it meant you had to be at least a Premium member ^_^
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Somehow Damaged/Windowpain why isnt this in mappool? Could easily remove campgrounds + aslym
draven want his camp maps cause he have no skill HAHA
mappool is ok. hf gl all =)
lets roll :D!
its time to own
Marlon Onur wrote:
draven want his camp maps cause he have no skill HAHA

Actually dm6 and asylum are camp maps, get your facts straight kiddo
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draven kiddo? you black ape, i told you to come real fight in ROTTERDAM still no balls, dont talk to me ever again
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