Central Europe Dominators  Cause Frag Matters  id:  4117441

Name Central Europe Dominators
Shorthandle ced.
Registered since 13/05/09
Homepage http://www.cedclan.com
IRC #cedclan  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Europe
Central Europe Dominators is the new Quake Live clan connecting players from all CET timezone countries. Despite the fact the clan is new the many of members have nice skill gained in the other parts of quake and all kinds of mods. Our aim is simple: Dominate Quake Live scene and become recognizable in e-sport world. Cause Frag Matters.
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IRC #cedclan  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  Quake Live Clan Arena 5on5 Grand Opening Cup
loss   The Ionabotters  0 Sunday, 28/06/09 15:00 0
loss   sexeh  0 Sunday, 21/06/09 15:00 2
wins   Turtles Arena  + 3 Tuesday, 09/06/09 14:00 3
loss   HouseofQuake.com  0 Sunday, 07/06/09 15:00 2