ESL Prize money

Please read carefully, otherwise your ticket can be rejected!

ESL Prize Money is solely for queries regarding prize money. If you require support for anything, please contact Support. Tickets made regarding any other subject will be rejected!

The following should be clearly included when making you query:
  • The full name of and link to the tournament or competition
  • The full name of and link to the ESL profile or the participant (team in team tournament, player in 1on1 tournament)
  • The amount you believe is owed, and a link to where the amount was announced
  • If you have had any previous contact regarding the prize money, please include it as an attachment (.txt files in a .zip)
Please use proper English spelling and grammar, and do not write texts that are too long. Keep it short and simple.

Please understand that it may take some time for your query to be replied to as it takes time to contact all persons involved when checking information - we want to be certain of all facts before responding to minimise misunderstanding and confusion. All queries are handled by a Turtle Entertainment employee.

Prize money query
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Please write the abbreviated tournament name, season, game and participant (team or player name)
e.g. IEM VI Cologne CS 1337 Team
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