Win an Alienware PC: Nexuiz FFA Night #4
Start your new year with a bang! Together with Illfonic, you have the chance to win an Alienware PC playing Nexuiz. This is your last chance to qualify!
As part of our efforts to kick-start the Nexuiz community, we have teamed up with the developers to host a series FFA nights. As some extra motivation, Illfonic are putting up an Alienware PC as prize for the top FFA player.

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The third fight

Congratulations to 7328831, VoKUS and noskillz on coming top of the FFA (ranked by kills).

Play FFA, win an Alienware PC!

At the following times we will host a 32 player FFA, first come, first served. The top 4 players with the most kills at the end of each FFA will be invited to a final FFA.

The champion of the final FFA will win an Alienware PC courtesy of Illfonic.

  • Monday 10th December 19 CET
  • Monday 17th December 19 CET
  • Monday 7th January 19 CET
  • Monday 14th January, 19 CET - Sign up!
  • Final: Monday 21st January 19 CET

Sign up to the first cup now and you will be mailed the server details on the day of the FFA.

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TheRogue, Wednesday, 09/01/13 06:16
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