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Last week we asked you for your questions for the devs; they have answered! Find the answers to your questions and who has won a copy of the game inside.
Since its release in May, one of the driving forces for Illfonic, the developers behind the fast paced-arena shooter Nexuiz, has been the community's feedback and wishes.

From dedicated servers and spectator modes to improved netcode and Steam Workshop, and in the latest update the addition of the high performance UGLY mode plus making the Duel mode free, everything has come because the community asked for it.

Your questions answered

kibA - Will Nexuiz be the most important FPS in competitive scene?
Nexuiz was built to be a competitive game. Ultimately, it is up to the community to decide if it’s the most important or not. That is why we are constantly listening to players and making it the best game it can be.

Salas - Do you not think that creating another game next to Quake, Tribes, ShootMania is redundant?
As long as each game in the genre creates its own feeling, it helps keep the Arena FPS/Twitch shooter alive. We think it’s great for there to be a game in this similar genre to come out every now and then.

Freaksaw - Is Nexuiz a imitation of Unreal Tournament?
Absolutely not. Nexuiz was originally a Quake 1 mod and is more based off Quake 1/2/3 style than anything else.

6115364 - Do you think the skill ceiling could be compared to shooters like quake and Unreal tournament?
Definitely. The big thing is players need to embrace Dynamic Mutators or really study how the weapons can be used. We purposefully made the weapons balanced across the board so all weapons are as equal as possible – and the only thing to pay attention to is the actual skill behind the weapons themselves. There is also an insane depth to Nexuiz and using Dynamic Mutators competitively. It isn’t just random events. These things can be very carefully used.

mdvhimself - When will we get a promod with proper brightskin support, and training?
There already are bright models, it is a server option. Use bots for training.

ins - Will Nexuiz have more fans than other current FPSs?
That’s a pretty general question. Will it have more fans than COD? I doubt it, unless we had some 100+ million dollar ad campaign that would force it down players throats as the best game ever, then no.

White_Insane - If the tournament comes with a success do you intend maybe in the near future offer a weekend pass / holiday pass or something so we can try the game in 2-3-4 hours gaming session instead of 30 minutes. Also related to tournament success do you intend to implement some ranking in-game ?
It’s always uplifting for us when we see so many people enjoying the game, who knows it could encourage some discussions. We hope to do more events, but $10 for outside of 30 minutes of play isn’t much to ask if you’re wanting to do tournaments.

White_Insane - Also related to tournament success do you intend to implement some ranking in-game?
To view your rank follow the menus Play Online > Player Stats > Rank. Nexuiz has massive rankings in the game, leaderboards on almost every statistic in the game and more. It’s really robust.

deadlift - Can you add an option to remove viewmodel/gun?
At this time there is no way to remove it.

FlashSoul - Is there a maximum framerate? What would be the minimum requirements to play at it or, say, 60 fps with ugly mode (+with every single option you can use to maximize framerate)?
There is no Max Frame Rate. We’re not sure what the min requirements to get 60FPS on ugly mode would be… but it would be fairly low.


For their questions, the following players have won a copy of the game: kibA, Salas, 6115364, White_Insane and ins.

Winners have been contacted by mail.

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Thanks,when i get key?
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Thanks,when i get key?
Check your email!
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