Nexuiz €4000 Tournament
Hot on the heels of Tuesday's big update, we are excited to announce a €4000 tournament series for Nexuiz that aims to jumpstart the competitive community. Early registration is open now!

Better than ever before!

Tuesday's update brought two big features that competitive players have been wanting since release: the Duel DLC has been made free, opening up Duel to everyone, and the new UGLY mode gives players the choice to prefer performance over amazing graphics.

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€4000 Tournament: Featuring €1000 Grand prize

Together with developers Illfonic, we have put together a €4000 tournament for Nexuiz featuring four prize winning cups and finals.

Nexuiz €4000 Tournament
Cups Finals
  • Four cups
  • €400 prize money
    • 1st. €250
    • 2nd. €150
  • Top 2 players go to finals
  • Unlimited players
  • Single elimination
  • Eight players
  • Single elimination
  • €2400 prize money
    • 1st. €1000
    • 2nd. €500
    • 3-4th. €250
    • 5-8th. €100
Cup #1. Tuesday 4th December, 19 CET - Sign up now!
Cup #2: Tuesday 11th December, 19 CET
Cup #3: Tuesday 18th December, 19 CET
Cup #4: Tuesday 10th January, 19 CET

Nexuiz €4000 Tournament
Registration open now

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TheRogue, Thursday, 22/11/12 09:19
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Good luck to everyone entering this tournament. This will be my first tournament so I am hoping for the best! Again...Good LUCK!
Good luck!
Will the game is in what ratio?
I was the first time to participate in
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