Spring League is ready!
The cold winter is nearly over. It is time for some action! We are proud to announce the participation of Quake Live in the global ESL Spring Leagues. What is the system behind the ESL Spring Leagues? What gametype will be played? What are the prizes? Just have a look at this news to get all information! You shouldn't hesitate, it could be full very fast. Check it out and Signup!

Quake Live 1on1 Spring League
Leaguedetails Groupstage: 03/30/09 until 05/03/09
 Playoffs: 05/04/09 until 05/31/09
 Participants: unlimited
 Best of: Best of Three (Bo3)

Restrictions, Registration and Rules
Restrictions Entered Gameaccount ( Type: Quake Live Username )
Registration Start: 03/08/09 20:00 CET
End: 03/22/09 20:00 CET
Basic Rules The rules of the Quake Live 1on1 Ladder
Special Rules Maps: One map picked by each player
Thirdmap (if needed): Forced for each week by ESL
Demos: Recording of demos is recommended

03/08/09 20:00 CET Beginning of registration Signup
03/22/09 20:00 CET End of registration
03/30/09 04/05/09 1st Matchweek Quake Live
04/06/09 04/12/09 2nd Matchweek
04/13/09 04/19/09 3rd Matchweek
04/20/09 04/26/09 4th Matchweek
04/27/09 05/03/09 5th Matchweek
05/04/09 05/10/09 Playoffs Week 1 Quake Live
05/11/09 05/17/09 Playoffs Week 2
05/18/09 05/24/09 Playoffs Week 3
05/25/09 05/31/09 Playoffs Week 4

What are the prizes?

For the top 3 players we have the following prizes:

    Rank 1 receives 3 month(s) Premium Account
    Rank 2 receives 2 month(s) Premium Account
    Rank 3 receives 1 month(s) Premium Account

Feedback & Support

We would like to see your feedback and questions in our Forum. You can also visit us in our IRC Channel #esl.quakelive (QuakeNet) or you can write a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,
your ESL Europe
MaRlik, Sunday, 08/03/09 13:59
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gl and hf! ;)
Have Fun all
gl hf
hafe fun nerds :P:P
gl & hf :D
gl hf ;]
gl hf!!
gl hf
bouark, im so noob but i WANT FUN GUYSSSSS
gl hf :)
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go with the flow !!!!
signed up .. i hope there will be a noob division :D
238 participants. Awesome. How many divisions will be there? :)
oi oi oi !
excited :>
have fun guys..... but i not yet received the mail for my match .....
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