Omg ze EPS Finals, Day 1
It is time. It's the first day of the event, and here is where I will be posting all my updates during the whole day with a timestamp for each update. The clock is ticking, and the first matches will be starting any second now.
I just recently arrived at the venue. I was supposed to be here at 12.00 but some noobish direction pointer did his lame job and pointed me in the complete other direction from the venue - fantastic.

When I finally arrived here, me and my boss David had a look around in the tournament area. David was satisfied and mentioned that it looked better than ever. I will be grabbing some pictures so that you can see for yourself! :)

Straight ahead of us when we came in was the StarCraft 2 booth, where everyone is free to try it out. As I most likely will play the game on a professional level I will have to start practising right away, here at the venue (I've given everyone else a little leading edge since I'm pretty pro by nature and do not want to ruin the fun for everyone else).

I will also try to get an interview with some Blizzard guy. More to come soon!

The TBH vs Mousesports match in CS 1.6 is currently being played on the main stage. Apparently the TBH fans are quite loud, screaming and cheering like no tomorrow. T B HA, T B HA, T B HA. It's like a Division 2 Swedish soccer match, I'd say - small but passionate groups of fans :P

Yay, first pictures for the day are uploaded.

Check them all out HERE

The last hour(s) I've been busy with doing some other things, such as taking photos. Also, I went to the booth where we got food; it took me over 30 minutes to get it. :S Oh well, finally fedd and will be posting some more things in the blog. Have faith! ;)


Competo 3:13 hoorai
Mousesports 2:0 TBH
SK-Gaming 13:3 nGize

For WarCraft, yAwS and HasuObs are playing right now!

yAwS 2:0 HasuObs

mTw.AMD vs hoorai on the stage right now

I finally got the hold of a camera and a microphone! During the trouble, I also managed to bump in to our fantastic English casters Matt Rider from ESL TV, and he was up for helping me out catching the best of the event.

Expect some great videos coming up this evening featuring none other than Matt Rider!

In our video spree, Matt got a hold of Baschi, Director of League Ops to ask a couple of questions about the event. Sorry for the quality of the audio ;(


For some reason this video is not working atm. Well, it's an interview with a n!faculty manager discussing things like EPS, German eSports and the clan. Will work in a while I think! :)

This some nice stuff, sk.fifa celebrating after their win! Beer and singing :)

More results. Uhm, obviously this should not be your main source for the results during this event. Find it HERE instead!

Anyway, here are more of todays results:

Competo 11:7 nGize
mTw.AMD 2:0 hoorai
Alternate 2:0 bomk
SK-Gaming 12:8 hoorai

Right now, XlorD is playing Eric in WarCraft 3!

Zalmah on an interview spree, interviewing mTw.Eric without realising. Good questions and nice answers!

Boys and girls. This is, somehow, it for the first day of the event. I and Matt have made approximantly three hours of material, but we just have not had the time to render it. All the best of this material, will however be posted tomorrow, so do not worry.

So, for now. Have a good night, make sure to check back tomorrow! :)
Genie, Saturday, 06/12/08 07:11
German Event Coverage
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Great stuff
indeed ! :D
Keep this up Genie, nice work my friend.
Nice interview but fix the sound :)
#5, yeah I know I know. The sound is better on most of the other stuff that we've done though!

More movies coming up, and remember that I'm using Movie Maker and other Windows original software to render them since we cannot exactly sit here and download illegally. :P

More videos coming when done rendering etc! ;)
Small error @ Completo vs nGize FIFA08 result?
Genie wrote:
Competo 7:11 nGize
#7, thanks for the heads up :)

Haha, can imagine that was confusing :P
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