eSports survey by Hamburg Media School
In cooperation with the ESL the Hamburg Media School is conducting a survey on eSports in Europe. They want to find out, for example, what you like about eSports, what games you play and how often and with whom you practice.

eSports survey

Your anonymity is assured, all data will be used for research purposes. Participating will take about 20 minutes. To thank you for your support! 2 Intel Friday Night Game Bags and 2 ESL Pro Series Shirts will be raffled among all particitpants who have completed the survey.
otacon, Monday, 12/01/09 09:56
eSports survey
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hm ^^
quite a stupid test... did it anyway
It's not a stupid test. But they might have provided a "progression bar" or something so you could see where you are in the test...
quite long...
quite long indeed :/
its cool...have the results been posted yet?
some questions are not related to my game so answering them was pointless
There isn't Turkey to select country make me sad^^
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