Gather as much as you want without Premium
From today two far-reaching changes in the ESL Gather system will be made. The most exciting change is we have removed the 20 gathers per week limit for non premium members! As a result of this change we have tightened the rating system so misbehaving players will be excluded more rapidly.
Gather restriction for non-premium
Until now non-premium members were only allowed to player 20 gathers per week. This restriction led to many players creating second and third account so that they were able to play gathers for the rest of the week. A side effect of this was also that this group of people significantly misbehaved as they were not playing with their original account.

Since we think the full and unrestricted usage of ESL Gather system should still be reserved for ESL premium members, there is now a short waiting page instead of the previous restriction. In this small break each active user can question whether the ESL gather system is worth a small monthly fee of €2.50 a month. And if not, he can still play as many Gathers in the week as he likes to play. Fair deal, right?

Changes in the rating system
Almost every gather uses the restriction "Few bad credibilities" as this took effect when a player had 50% bad ratings or more. However it appeared that even real harassers every now and then pull through this border, since most users award rather positive ratings.

After close examinations of the facts and figures we have decided to reduce this limit to 15% bad ratings. For example if you play 10 gathers, you can receive a maximum of 13 possible negative ratings (9 ratings per Gather). Although you sometimes receive unjustified ratings, the border is at 15% and not at 0%, and hopefully won't affect you in the long run.

Currently the 50% rule concerns only 1,300 of over 330,000 Gather players, the new 15% rule will affect about 25,000 players! Furthermore the concerned players are no longer allowed to evaluate other players until they gained enough positive ratings.

There is only a very small amount of users that's ruining the fun at the gather system for the rest of us. It is always important to give those vandals what they deserve: exclude and ignore them!
otacon, Monday, 13/10/08 07:39
ESL Premium
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*lol* why i book premium normal members get same same service ...
you still have those shiny awards :)
Oh didnt knew this, great i guess
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