Unreal Tournament 3 Demo tournaments
Ladies and Gentlemen. The moment that some of us have waited for for over two years has arrived. Unreal Tournament 3, the game formerly known as UT2007 and the third sequel of the legendary Unreal Tournament, is near and the first playable demo has been released! It is my duty and honor to announce the first competitions for Unreal Tournament 3 in the Electronic Sports League.
Loads of things are about to happen within the next weeks in the new established Unreal Tournament 3 section of the ESL, but all good needs a start and we decided to put our first efforts in this brand new game into one of the most successful competition systems in the history of electronic sports.

We're hereby announcing the official start of the ESL's Unreal Tournament 3 1on1 Duell and Unreal Tournament 3 4on4 & 2on2 Teamdeathmatch ladders!

As Epic Games and their publisher Midway were kind enough to offer us two maps for this demo instead of only one as it was the case with the demo of the prequel of this game, all matches will be played on both maps - DM-Heatray and DM-Shangri-La.

As the options adjustable in the demo are limited, the trouble now obviously is, that one of these two maps has a rather big problem with the existence of large metal objects that walk and shoot. Thereby, we want to make clear that it is strictly forbidden to enter and/or use the Darkwalker on DM-Heatray during Duel and Teamdeathmatch. Abuse of the Darkwalker in ladder matches will lead to penalty points and immediate ban from the ladder.

Furthermore, the use of the powerups "Berzerk", "Double Damage" and "Invisibility" is not allowed in Duel. Abuse of these items will lead to penalty points and immediate ban from the ladder, too.

It's our hope that the ladders will deliver good proof that the game is very much suited for the competition. Thereby, we're announcing the beginning of a Most Matches Competition (MMC) for both ladders, meaning that the player and the team that play the most matches from today until November 18th, 2007 will win a Premium Account worth of 3 month in the ESL.

You can find the Ladders here:
Unreal Tournament 3 4on4 Teamdeathmatch Ladder (infos & details)

Unreal Tournament 3 2on2 Teamdeathmatch Ladder (infos & details)

Unreal Tournament 3 1on1 Duel Ladder (infos & details)
68865, Thursday, 18/10/07 08:57
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nice :>
nice :>
finally :)
nice =)
nice xD
opferspiel #1 u know ^^
very nice :)
cool mal schauen wies geht
very nice, but no DD in 1on1? :/
timelimit 10 in 1on1? : )
Yeah, should have dd atm in this demo IMO. No invisibility is good though.
u mustnt do this, u musnt do that.....in my opinion its very wrong to start these ladders...its a beta demo..its buggy, its not configurable.......conclusion: it aint made for competetive gaming.....
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no servers. weaponstay on. no antiwalker


well hf & gl to everybody!!
yay........what makes u guys and especially u, gam, think its 'suited for competetition'? just because we have much better glowing skins now?
J3FF you better leave gam alone. thanks to him ut3 might have a chance.
a chance to what?
its neither gams nor my fault epic didnt think of your needs, so back off and calm down.
So invis is allowed in TDM? I think it shouldn't be, it just seems a tad fucked, it's really too hard to spot (I know it's invis and all, but there's a limit to where it's just plain stupid ;)

and why timelimit 10 in duel, that's a tad short.

Rather stick to the default formula that works fine - 15 TL for 1on1 and 20 TL for tdm.
freude schöner götterfunke tocher aus elysium wir betreten feuertrunken himmlische dein heilligtum... *freu*
this is....beta....demo...
so no1 needs....ladders.....
what about the 2on2 ladders?
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Competitions for the brand-new released demo version of an upcoming sequel have a long tradition in UT and it has never formed an obstacle that the demo of the game didn't have all the options we might have wished we would have. To us, this is an important start into the new game.
looking forward to that gam
unreal 3 is beste
Hey I know this is probably going to get me labelled as a newb, but are people from outside of europe allowed to play in the esl? Or more specifically this ladder?
havent read through the rules yet but id hope amp + invis are both allowed in 4on4 tdm

signed up :)
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2on2 Ladder is fixed and you should be now able to join.

@PalmliX: yeah people from all over the world are allowed to play, but because we are european based league normally servers in europe are obligatory, so especially in a 3d shooter it would be very hard to play a match between a NA and a EU player.
welcome :) greets from Spain :)
N 1 !!!
:D wiiii ut 4 ever
i playd the demo and ... the gameplay was nice ... like on the old games...... fast moves fast kills ... fast victory :P
hi, where activate the VOTE on in matchmenu on my server ?
btw gl hf on ladders :]

Need a supadupa HIGH FPS LOW GRAFF CFG!!!
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