Win 100 Content Codes!
Use the chance to win 100 content codes for the Open Beta of World in Conflict, with those codes you can use exclusive features. You will be able to test the third map “Riviera” and you can also reserve your nickname for the retail version of World in Conflict. You will have the same features like all people who already pre ordered the game and got a pre order key.

To win a content code you just need to write a news comment to the following question:

    What is your favourite unit type?

All codes will be randomly given to 100 comment writers at the beginning of next week.

Content codes were all send out to the winners
Rondrian, Saturday, 21/07/07 08:46
5on5 Cup Series
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Hey thats a great offer:)

Thx WiC&Esl^^

I think the Armor role ist the most useful, because I can get units for any situation (with medium anti air from supportrole). Heavy tanks rocks^^
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nice nice.

Amphibious armored transport ftw.
Great deal!

I like to play heavy helicopter.
heavy tank ;D
cool =]
just love medium heli ;)
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a mix of medium and heavy chopper
heavy helicopter are the best.

It`s a really great deal :)
heavy tank the best :D
Heavy TANK for the win :) love that shooting over a distance from a few houndred of meters :)
heavy helicopter and a few medium choppers :)
Snipers. Like owning those infantries from bushes <.<
I like heavy helicopters because you can easily kill most ground units, especially tanks and run before their AA has any chance of catching you :)
Support - Heavy Artillery !!!!!!!!
Airborne infantry then play infantry cost 5TA.
Yes Support are owning, but when chopper commi'n you can pay for some new... :)
All Keys are assign to the users. Thanks to all for our interest.
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all keys already ?
i don't see 100 comments here
in case of, i prefer support
Medium Tanks, because they are really effective against Infantry and it's easier to build up command points :P
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Heavy Helicopters fo sho
Heavy tank, I just like the beast ;)
I like the school busses. I want to be a school bus driver when i grow up. (The ones in Hometown)
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I think that USA scout choppers are key to win. I allways buy them with all I have, and they have never betraid me.
heavy tank 100%
Heavy Helicopters ofc:)
100% Heavy Artillery
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I prefer Helicopters :) ( medium - heavy )
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Heavy Helicopters imba!
nice news ^^
i love to use infantry, especially the normal one i think it's one of the best units in the game cause they are so much versatile :P
infantry imho! for the win!
Infantry :)
Heavy Tank ô_ô
HH imba ^^
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Para Troopers no contest :). Drop them all over the map and use the arty attack. 7s and u either destroy fortrefications/kill some unaware ground units. Ultimate decapper unit/spotter (drop them anywere they can hide behind the enemy lines and get to know what they´r up to. It will all keep the enemy on their toes ;).

One of the best allround units in Beta. :)
all infantry if u are able to play with, its imba on pub server..
A mix of medium and haevy choppers
A mix of Heavy/medium Anti air and Artillerie
Heavy Tanks :)
sniper =]
repair tanks!

(i hope this its still up :O)
Heavy Tanks !
Heavy Tanks
heavy chopper
Heavy support :)
heavy support :p
Medium Choppers, although they don't do much damage to tanks, they destroy heavy choppers quickly :)
Anti Tank infantry!
Heavy Choppers were awsome also!
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