WC3L Playday 7: fnatic vs. ONE & verGe vs. SK
With the first half of the season behind us, it's time to look towards the playoffs as they are not too far ahead. Setting things off for the latter part of the season will be fnatic Team squaring off with the Koreans of ONE-Gaming, while a little later on we'll be able to see verGe Gaming take on SK Gaming as all four teams look to make up some ground on teams above them.

fnatic Team vs. ONE-Gaming, Saturday 4:00pm CET BetOG

Abver vs. ONE.GoStop 0:2
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
RotterdaM vs. ONE.Bifrost 2:1
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
Satiini vs. ONE.Farseer 1:2
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
XyLigan vs. ONE.SouthSea 2:0
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
Abver & XyLigan vs. ONE.GoStop & ONE.Bifrost 2:1
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

Total score: 3:2

SK Gaming vs. verGe Gaming, Saturday 7:00pm CET BetOG

SK.Insomnia vs. verGe.GLaiVe 2:0
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
SK.Deadman vs. verGe.ShrieK 2:0
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
SK.HoT vs. verGe.Virus 2:0
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
SK.Sweet vs. verGe.CanucK 2:0
Replays: (defwin)
SK.Deadman & SK.HoT vs. verGe.Rainman & verGe.CanucK 2:0
Replays: (defwin)

Total score: 5:0

Postponed Games:
fnatic.Abver & fnatic.XyLigan vs. Go)MinHyuk & Go)Ohjie 2:0
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
Total score: 5:0
fnatic vs. ONE

fnatic Team is sick with the seventh place blues, one spot out of the playoffs, but certainly not completely out of contention. Only one point seperates them and the 6th place team, who ironically they end up playing today. ONE-Gaming is currently tied for 5th place with last year's champions (although they could take sole position of that spot if SouthSea is able to beat fire_de in their postponed match from Playday 6. fnatic will have to look to XyLigan and sAtiiNi, their two big hitters this season for some solid play, as ONE boasts a very tough Korean allstar lineup. Whatever the outcome, one team will be closer to their goal while the other will fall just enough to make it sting.

verGe vs. SK

verGe Gaming sits in a very familiar spot as of late, but now is usually the time that they rally the forces and pull off some big wins. With their first win of the season against arch-rivals hoorai, verGe is going to be riding out the high into Saturday's match. SK Gaming on the other hand could not be doing much more right this season. Having a 4-1 record thus far (and having their matches against the #1 and #2 teams from last season already behind them), SK is aiming high and could very well reach one of the top 2 spots, a feat which they have not achieved since Season V. Pending the results of the match between SaSe and Sweet from Playday 6, SK could be as little as 2 points away from that spot. Deadman, HoT and Sweet have all been their posterboys this season, so look for them to clash with verGe's stars such as ShrieK, CanucK, and the always nimble-minded Rainman.

As always, the scores of today's clanwar will be important for the fans, because you all have a chance to win a GIGA 2 account if you guess today's score!

Giga 2 Logo

With GIGA 2 you will be able to see the most exciting events and the most thrilling matches. That's eSports at its best! And you can be part of it - live from the first minute on.

We will be giving out 2 GIGA 2 accounts to people who manage to guess the correct result and map score in the comments - so take a guess and you might be able to watch the next WC3L clanwar live on TV!

Example for a good comment for the raffle: Team A Team B 4:1 (9:4)


WaaaghTV and GGTV will be available for as many matches as possible! The server for WaaaghTV will be games.waaaghtv.com, port 10383.
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