EMS VII Quake Live: Grand Final
The Grand Final of our Quakelive TDM 4v4 EMS Season VII will be played tonight and will be covered by ESL TV at 22:00 CET!

Coming from the Winner brackets, the guys from METSU, previously known as METSU, should start with the advantage tonight. While their opponent will need to win 2 bo3 sets to claim the victory, 4295115 and his mates only needs 2 maps in the first set to earn the gold!

But the challenge is not going to be as easy as it appears, Reason Gaming and its pair of TDM stars, noctis and 4292325, will be pumped up for this Grand Final. Last week they already managed to defeat their opponent in another league, the chances are they will be able to get into a 2nd set tonight, and win it!

The Final on ESL TV

Wednesday 23rd of February 22:00 on ESL TV

Wednesday, 23/02/11 16:00
Status: closed

  METSU (#1) [NaN:NaN]  Reason Gaming (#2)

Good luck to our two finalists!

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Johan, Wednesday, 23/02/11 08:22
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