EMS VIII Quakelive : Sign-ups opened!
It's time to officially open the new season, here are the informations about the first TDM 2v2 Quake Live EMS! You would like to play in the highest level European competition in the Electronic Sports League? Then just check out this news and sign up for the four qualification cups!

How to qualify for season VIII ?

First of all, as the team size is different we decided not to elect the top4 from last season for auto invites. This means that each qualifier will produce 4 qualified teams.

But how to qualify for the others? We would like to host four Qualification Cups. On all these cups you have the chance to qualify for that new season of the ESL Major Series in Quake Live. All cups will be played on one day. Here is a small overview about all cups:

EMS Season VIII - Qualifier Cups

Teamsize: 2 players per team
Gametype: Team Death Match
Cupsize: 32 teams
Mode: Single Elimination
Matches: Best of One
ESL Premium: Will be required as of beginning of Group Stage

Sign-up Dates: Now until the start of each qualifier

Sunday, 20th February 20:00 CET - Qualification Cup #1
Tuesday, 22nd February 20:30 CET - Qualification Cup #2
Wednesday, 23rd February 20:30 CET - Qualification Cup #3
Sunday, 27th February 20:00 CET - Qualification Cup #4


    Campgrounds (dm6)
    Almost Lost (t6)
    Hidden Fortress (dm20)
    Blood Run (ztn)

    As we are using premium maps, all teams must have at least 1 player with pro account for Quake Live.

Prize Money

1,000 €

Sign-up now!

We are going to use the Check-In system for this cup. Please read through this informations about it.

Sign up on Qualification Cup #1
Sign up on Qualification Cup #2
Sign up on Qualification Cup #3
Sign up on Qualification Cup #4

Feedback & Support

We would like to see your feedback and questions in our Forum. You can also visit us in our IRC Channel #esl.quakelive (QuakeNet) or you can write a Support Ticket.

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