ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Status - Release Candidate!
One week ago we announced the Closed Beta of our Anti-Cheat Tool. Today we would like to give you a status update. The most important news is: The ESL Wire Anti-Cheat "Release Candidate" is ready!
A Release Candidate (RC) is a final test version of a piece of software. All functions that the final software version is supposed to have are included. All known problems have been fixed. The final version will be based on the Release Candidate. The final version will be tested in final product testing before the actual release takes place.

The Closed Beta group of users increased during the last few days. At the moment there are about 150 users in this group who are intensely testing ESL Wire Anti-Cheat. The testers provide feedback in the forum and also through surveys that each Closed Beta fills out for each new version. The questions are mostly about performance and potential FPS drops.

During the next few days we will plan the final "Rollout". This means that we are now planning how to release "ESL Wire Anti-Cheat". Maybe we will have an "Open Beta" phase before we actually start, but there are many reasons for and against doing this. Within the next few days we will again inform you about the current status.
711308, Friday, 17/09/10 03:37
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I like it :)
where can i see what games are supported by new Ac?
lmao ifingo says hooah :D
gtfo from here you hacking mYself boys, you gonna go back to open lvl now :) but from me pesonally: me likey!
i like it
Marteeeeeeen wrote:
where can i see what games are supported by new Ac?
Seems nice
Marteeeeeeen wrote:
where can i see what games are supported by new Ac?

That information will follow! Please be a little bit patient. It is not in our interest to tell cheaters now, with which games we will start immediately and which games could follow a little later. We hope you can understand our intention. Don't worry also, because it is not like the new Anti-Cheat will feature LESS games, no, it will be able to protect way more games.

Thanks everyone for being patient and for trusting the new AC. More than €500,000 have been spent on the new AC already and many months of hard work. We are really excited and we do not want to make any hasty steps.
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Programmed in asm + c++ ?? Packed with Themida hun? (At least .net wasn't used?)

That's for sure a 500k well spent money ___________-

Let us see if it doesn't raise any bugs on the kernel/memory

Yet another Challenge Of Reverse Engineering
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is this some kind of a joke spending 500k euros to an tool wich will work like a anti vir software?

such a waste amount of money. what a shame
they should have been share it with better lan events and also correct leagues and non corrupt admins.

that is really a bad joke.

when this shiet will fail in 1month xD LOL
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Yeah, having a secure League with a good working AC is really waste of money... good comment :)
hate wire :/
the 'few days' past! :D
great :D look forward to :P
kids will go back to open level in AA :D
And to prove the eficiency of the new AC all members banned previously for cheating will be unbanned so they may be caught with an Anti Cheat device instead of poor quality demos. (NOT...)
hunii wrote:
kids will go back to open level in AA :D

happy birthday.
First add the EMS games plz!
#19 they changed it from Themida to VMProtect..
waste of money! hurray:D
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