Most Matches Competition - July
The Most Matches Competition for June has finished and the next month has begun. You may ask: "Who played the most matches in my favourite ladder?" or "Which ladders are in the MMC this month?" Read the whole news and you will find the answers to both of these questions!

What is the Most Matches Competition?

MMC is exactly what it says, a competition to play the most matches. Every month, the players or teams with the most matches in the selected ladders will win prizes. Only 1 ladder per game section can be nominated for the MMC. The team or player with the most matches in a ladder will get one month premium. But you need to play at least 5 matches to win the premium.

What can I win?

The team or player with the most matches in a selected ladder will get 1 month premium.

Who won last month?

What ladders are in the MMC this month?

All Premium is added straight on to your account, you can check it here.
bLackhawk, Thursday, 01/07/10 04:31
Last Month MMC
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juhu i win blub speed ladder juhuuu
why there is no modern warfare 2?
yay my team won the premium!!
Ty for premium.

Best Regards From,
dimension9.CODWAW TEAM
crossfire pls :o
Please modern warfare 2 :)
winners of July ???
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