Nightcup #2 1v1 on Thursday
This Thursday we start a new great 1v1 cup in the European Quake Live section. So pick up your mouse and sign up!
We are proud to present you our second ESL QuakeLive Nightcup . The Cup will be open for 32 players but we might expand the grid if more players would like to participate.


    QuakeLive Thursday Nightcup #2
  • Max players: 32
  • Maps: qzdm6, ztntourney1, qzdm13, qztourney7, qztourney9
  • Match mode: Best of 3 maps
  • Meetingplace: #esl.quakelive on Quakenet

  • Rules
  • The ESL Europe QuakeLive rules apply
  • If a player is 20 minutes late, they will have a default loss
  • All players must enter their QuakeLive Gameaccount on their Gameaccounts page
  • If more players sign up, then we may expand the size of the cup and the following timetable will be updated.

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  • ESL Europe QuakeLive 1v1 Nightcup #2
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First Step
27.03.2010 First come, first served Sign up
01.04.2010 21:00 h Round #1
01.04.2010 21:45 h Round #2
01.04.2010 22:30 h Round #3
01.04.2010 23:15 h Round #4
02.04.2010 0:00 h Round #5
02.04.2010 0:45 h Round #6 (64 grid)

Good luck and have fun yours
Your Adminteam
mason, Monday, 29/03/10 10:06
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