UT 1on1 ZP iTDM Test Cup is coming!
Are you ready for the UT 1on1 iTDM Test Cup? It's not a joke, Unreal Tournmanet is coming back in 2014! We're happy to host a test cup during the next Sunday and what you're waiting for?
Don't miss this Cup if you want to support this game and if you want to keep it on ESL, this is your a chance that can't be wasted!

Join the Test Cup now!

UT 1on1 ZP iTDM Test Cup

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Sunday, 26th of January 20:00 CET
Sign up until: 19:00 CET
Start: 20:00 CET
Size: 32 Slots
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: Liandri, Stalwart, Malevolence, Oblivion, Deck16
Codex, Curse][, Morbias][,Fractal
Mode:1on1 BO1
Map selection: VETO
Game mode: Instagib TDM

Match rules:

Timelimit: 15
Fraglimit: 30
No show: 10 minutes
Force respawn: ON

Prizes on the line

Here the prizes on the line for the upcoming Test Cup:

1st Place 1x 1 month ESL Premium Account

Info & support

In case of troubles or doubts, don't hesitate to contact us via Support Ticket or join the IRC Channel (#esl.newgames)

// Your Admin Team

TeMPe, Sunday, 19/01/14 05:38
Join the Test Cup now!
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Lets rock ;)
Practice Server IP ?
Or is there a server some of you use to play on I can warm up with ?
irc.quakenet.org at #P*-STAR
or use webchat

I am ( and more players like me ) more interested in playing 5on5 ictf. There is still a pretty big community out there that wants to play this mod competitive.

If gamers wanna try out UT99 ictf or some other mod you are more then welcome to come pug @ #lowbobs on quakenet. We have dedicated servers and fun gamers to play with!

Cu there!
BeasT, I helped them with this. So for a testcup I was thinking 1on1 is a better idea and there will be 5on5 iCTF cups if this cup goes well :)
1on1 is perfect to start with imo as for most it will be the very first time playing here.

About this cup, I rather want to see 2 maps instead of 1. Each player picks one, and after 2 maps, played with most kills goes to next round :)

Have fun!
Cool :)
Guys, if this cup will be success. Section will open for sure!
LoSaH, in future, matches will probably be like that, bo2 score sum.
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UT99 ownz!

change timelimit to 15 min ;x
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No need imo, frag limit is pretty low :)
frag + 1 and hide does not work on these maps and deffo not in insta idm
Instagib isn't really my thing, but I'll definitely watch from the sidelines. Best of luck to all involved
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