**UPDATE** Guild Wars 2 is coming to ESL!
A few weeks ago ArenaNet announced a few new features that may be the beginning of E-sport in GW2! Are you interested in building the competitive Guild Wars 2 community on ESL? Read on!
To kick things off we are going to host a Test cup to check the interest of the community in GW2 cups hosted by the ESL.

So feel free spread the word and sign up for ESL´s very first Guild Wars 2 Cup! We are also searching for streamers and shoutcaster for the cup. Feel free to contact us!


After a lot of feedback we want to announce a slight change of the ruleset, a major change of the mappool, the check-in system and last but not least the official streams for the tournament!


The respawn mode is now "Individual" instead of "Wave".

Maps and mode

The matchmode is still BO3 but all 3 maps are going to be part of the match (Rotation: Forest of Niflhel, Legacy of the Foefire, Battle of Khylo).


We add a check-in system. We open our check-ins at 18:00 CEST until 18:50 CEST. During this period every team has the option to secure their place in the bracket. The brackets of the tournament will be seeded between 18:50 and 19:00 CEST.

Streams / VoD´s

We are happy to announce a full coverage across 5 languages! The well known casters BLU and Grouch will provide the english stream. Worvast and Necca will provide a stream in spanish and erdknuffel will cover the german part! French VoD´s will be available on WaffleWrath´s youtube channel and last but not least a dutch version by NaturezGaming is available on their youtube channel!


Structured PvP - Introduction

Structured PvP is a Player versus Player mode which allows competition on an even footing. Any character used to enter structured PvP retains their profession, however any race specific skills are not accessible. The character is given a fixed maximum level, and all skills and items are available without the need to unlock them first.

There are several different maps for structured PvP, all of which are conquest, although other objective types are planned for the future.

In Conquest, the players are placed in two teams, and must capture objectives and important locations. The first team to acquire 500 total points wins the game.

Cup information

In the box below you could find all information about the cup. If you have feedback or additional ideas leave a comment or send us a support ticket!

Guild Wars 2 Testcup

Sign Up

Signup: Now - 30/06/13
Cup Start: 30/06/13 19:00 CEST
Slots: 16
Mode: 5v5 Single Elimination
Support: via Support ticket
Mappool: Battle of Khylo, Legacy of the Foefire, Forest of Niflhel
Match Mode: best of three(bo3)
Rules: Ruleset
Schedule (Defaultdates)

21/06/13 Signup start
30/06/13 Signup end (18:50 CEST)
30/06/13 Round 1 (19:00 CEST)
30/06/13 Round 2 (20:00 CEST)
30/06/13 Round 3 (21:00 CEST)
30/06/13 Final (22:00 CEST)

Support and Questions

Don't hesitate and feel free to leave feedback or questions via our Support System or the forum / comment section.

Follow ESL on Twitter!

Your Admin team
Face, Friday, 28/06/13 20:59
Sign Up!
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1 year after release?

typical for esl
Why do not you advertising for the event here:https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/pvp/events ?
#1 The Custom PvP Arenas is available for a few weeks only.
#3 It will be done, and into other forums too! Thanks for your suggestion.
This needs properly advertising in the gw2 boards!
Rerroll wrote:
This needs properly advertising in the gw2 boards!

I just shared this on Guru's Twitter - so the word is getting spread!
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Frozire wrote:
Rerroll wrote:
This needs properly advertising in the gw2 boards!

I just shared this on Guru's Twitter - so the word is getting spread!

You're such a nice guy!
# KaiN:Np I hope that the event will be a success! :)
yes! >:)
Sweet!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!
+10 com on! let's start
kazam wrote:
1 year after release?

typical for esl

The game was not a proper esports title by any stretch of the imagination. Features like spectator mode or custom arenas have all been introduced rather recently. If you did some research you'd even find out that ESL was very early on interested in supporting the title.

GLHF to all participants and kudos to ESL for picking this up. Maybe there's still a salvagable PVP scene left.
Looking for a Team? [LFM]
Write me a Message !
GJ ;)
This comes 6 months late, and it costs money ( to host a custom game )?
Where is the " we will focus GW2 as an eSport " Stance from ANet now?
made in meta want to win this :D
Respawn: Wave

that should be changed to individual..
HF to all, I'll watch everything.
So nice. Good job ESL. Finally GW2 cup.
Nice news ;)
Good news! Respawn type should be changed to individual though! That's the competitive standard.
good new but the TP invitational finished the tournament at the same time as the beginning of the tournament esl...
The Team Paradigm Invitational starts at 18:00 CEST on the 30th (you can find the info on times here http://leaguepedia.com/wiki/User:Shadowplasm#Schedule)so there will be an overlap with the ESL cup.
nice that guild wars supports this a little on their facebook ! I like publishers who #care
plx change the respawnmode to individual !!!

competetive scene only plays individual respawntype cause respawnmode : wave is broken (can be abused) !
Mappool: Battle of Khylo, Legacy of the Foefire, Temple of the Silent Storm, Forest of Niflhel
Match Mode: best of three(bo3)

How? 4 map and its bo3
I also agree that the respawn mode should be changed to "Individual:15s", like it is in current competitive play

GLHF to all the teams participating :D
Team Cryptic want to win! :D
18:08 and the cup is full? Why you did opened the sign up before the official time?
Hari Seldon wrote:
18:08 and the cup is full? Why you did opened the sign up before the official time?

Nope, 16 teams checked in within 5 minutes. However, we extend the slots to 32.
how did i know if my team is check Oo ?!
Thanks for the nice Tournament! Team Cryptic enjoyed it! :) Good luck for all the other Teams!
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Thanks for the cup :] it was really fun :D
thx 4 the nice cup
it was fun to play.
Team Made in Meta really enjoyed it.
nice checkin and bracket expansion to 32 :D
let us hope gw2 esports is coming ...

esl professional as usual <3
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Top notch hosting & organization, really nice experience overall. Make Your Choices [SAW] enjoyed it!

Can't wait for the next cup!
GJ and Good streaming !!!
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