Superieure Vlaamse Strijders vs. FREE .fr
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 Superieure Vlaamse Strijders
 FREE .fr
Status: closed
MatchID 27736202
Date Sunday, 03 March 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 06 March 21:11
Round Quarterfinals
map default
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2 : 0
Superieure Vlaamse Strijders wins !
Wednesday, 06 March 21:05
150 kB, Wednesday, 06 March 21:05, by 3337810 (-[sVs]-)
Wednesday, 06 March 21:04
169 kB, Wednesday, 06 March 21:04, by 3337810 (-[sVs]-)
* No longer available

FREE .fr

Superieure Vlaamse Strijders

comments (10)
When you want to play this match?
Would this tuesday or wednesday fits you?
Hi I wiil ask my teamates .
What is your map ?
I think Tuesday is good . 21.00 CET ?
What is your map ?
We can only play wednesday, 20.00 CET. Tell us what is ur map, we'll choose ours then.
We will take IC & will arrange a server. Your map?
See you wednesday.
So you ask for our map & wait with your map? Pretty lame ;)
Sorry for late, we take UA.
See you tonight
we have a german server
ip :
Oke, see you there

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