FREE .fr vs. The China Army
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 FREE .fr
 The China Army
Status: closed
MatchID 27736198
Date Sunday, 24 February 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 24 February 22:32
Round Round of 16
map default
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2 : 1
FREE .fr wins !

FREE .fr

The China Army

comments (11)
Hey, can you play this match during this week, for example wednesday evening ?
Can we play tonight ?
we can only play on sunday at 20.00 cet, sorry.
ok, are we on?
Atm im alone, it's hard for us to play at 20.00 cet sunday, maybe at 21.00 cet i dont know...
21.00 is find for us

Server :
password= freescrim

What is your map ?
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ok lets play at 21 cet

our map is hq raid, what is yours?
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Our map is urban assaut
We are waiting you
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