WGT Gaming vs. knuffig und süssss
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 WGT Gaming
 knuffig und süssss
Status: closed
MatchID 30179337
Date Sunday 15 June 2014 15:15
Calculated Sunday 15 June 2014 16:03
best_of 1
map Summoners Rift
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0 : 1
knuffig und süssss wins !

knuffig und süssss

comments (13)
knuffig and süss won that match
our team is new.
Please make a screenshot of the results as the tournament code results are not working.
we alredy played the game, does that mean we should do a rematch?
dear admin we have no screenshot because we thought the tournament code will work^^
Could you give me a link to some of your LoLking profiles so we can verify your match history?
yea sure http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/19273037 but its not in online in match history
well lolking is not working
lolking is bugged, it doesn't show new games
well what now ?
sick page
Yeah, thanks Toni I was checking it via same page just a second ago. I will add the result now.
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