Vladimirs Minotaurs vs. Gypsy will carry
Contestants Parameters

 Vladimirs Minotaurs
 Gypsy will carry
Status: closed
MatchID 28334874
Date Sunday, 05 May 15:15
Calculated Sunday, 05 May 16:03
Round Round of 128
best_of 1
map Summoners Rift
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Result Media
0 : 1
Gypsy will carry wins !
Sunday, 05 May 16:09
Round 2 - - Hammee
330 kB, Sunday, 05 May 16:09, by 7362297 (GYPSY)

Gypsy will carry

Vladimirs Minotaurs

05/05/13 10:03
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Brutopatia has no ESL account
Ozuri has no ESL account
Ollimus has no ESL account
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