Coopes Popper Penguins vs. Deja Vu
Contestants Parameters

 Coopes Popper Penguins
 Deja Vu
Status: closed
MatchID 26768973
Date Sunday, 26 August 15:15
Calculated Sunday, 26 August 16:08
Round Round of 128
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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Result Media
0 : 1
Deja Vu wins !
Sunday, 26 August 16:02
Round 1
395 kB, Sunday, 26 August 16:02, by 5749073 (DEV)

Deja Vu

comments (4)
You have to use the same picks/bans.
We firstblooded Irelia, do we get that fb?
No. Complete new game with same picks/bans.
Please upload screenshots and confirm the result.
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