da cancellare ffs vs. Noob Heroes
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 da cancellare ffs
 Noob Heroes
Status: closed
MatchID 26080277
Date Thursday, 03 May 23:00
Calculated Friday, 04 May 00:59
Round Semifinals
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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Result Media
1 : 0
da cancellare ffs wins !
Friday, 04 May 00:46
Round 1*
399 kB, Friday, 04 May 00:46, by 4955037 (dcffs)
* No longer available

Noob Heroes

comments (3)
we cant play the match tonight beacuse we had to wait like 40 minutes last match and our 5th went to sleep so if its possible we would like to play it tomorrow otherwise give us no show
its not pissible to move this match. so you give the team noob heroes the win?
Please upload a screenshot of the after match lobby and confirm the result in the matchsetup.
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