Wehrwolf vs. pscl.
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Status: closed
MatchID 28342159
Date Sunday, 12 May 22:00
Calculated Sunday, 12 May 22:44
Created by Autochallenger
best_of 1
map Twisted Treeline
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1 : 0
Wehrwolf wins !
Points +4 : -4
Sunday, 12 May 22:48
Timeout no Break*
360 kB, Sunday, 12 May 22:48, by pscl.
* No longer available
12/05/13 16:44
Gameaccount mismatches:

Justice TV has no ESL account
21/05/13 04:13
4.3.2. Player drops

After the disconnect of a player the game will continue, if a match is not played with the Tournament Draft Mode. He has to return as soon as possible back to the game and continue playing.

I've beaten you, just get over it. How should I pause the game in Blind Pick mode? You would have lost this game anyway, so don't complain please.
12/05/13 16:52
Timeout and Wehrwolf spielt einfach
Hallo ESL,

ich hatte hier im spiel im LOADSCREEN ein Timeout und Wehrwolf pausiert nicht das spiel, sondern er spielt einfach weiter. Ich hatte ein Farm nachteil von 30 und meine Tower wahren angehitted und er wahr 1 lvl ueber mir

Hello ESL

I had this game in the LOAD SCREEN timeout and a wehrwolf will not break the game, but he just keeps playing. I had a farm disadvantage of 30 and my towers was damaged and he was one lvl above me
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