Go4LoL meets LCS
The upcoming two Go4LoLs in EUW and EUNE will be qualifiers for the May Promotion Tournament into the European LCS with a 15,000 Euros cash prize on top. Qualification will consist of two stages: the regular Go4LoL cups followed by a final tournament with eight teams.

The two top teams of the upcoming Go4LoL #135 (March 31st) and Go4LoL #136 (April 7th) in EU West as well as EU Nordic/East will be invited to a final Go4LoL cross realm qualifier tournament with a prize pool of 15,000 Euros and two slots in the May Promotion Tournament into the European LCS.

Go4LoL EU West #135 / Go4LoL EU NE #135

Go4LoL EU West #136 / Go4LoL EU NE #136

More information & rules of Go4LoL visit: www.go4lol.eu

Go4LoL is the worlds biggest weekly cup series in League of Legends and takes place on Sunday. You can win every Sunday with your team 300 Euros and Riot Points. The top 32 teams also earn ranking points towards the 500 Euros monthly final. Sign up now and enjoy the League of Legends! It's not to late, a good place in the next cups and you play in the monthly final for the 500 Euros!

Go4LoL Europe West begins always at 14:00 CEST and Go4LoL Nordic and East begins always at 15:00 CEST. You can find all needed infos about a Go4LoL cup in the Go4LoL announcement news.

In the case you have questions about Go4LoL or problems with the sign up please open a support ticket or check out our Go4LoL Portal at www.go4lol.eu

Best of luck!

Your Admin Team
NachtkindFX, Thursday, 28/03/13 09:13
EU Nordic & East - Go4LoL #135 - Win 300 Euros!
EU West - Go4LoL #135 - Win 300 Euros!
Go4LoL - Hall of Fame - EU Nordic & East
Go4LoL - Hall of Fame - EU West
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not sure i have enough time to play in the lcs, what with college and all
you don't have to be sure , cuz u wont be playing there anyway :D
Apply cold water to burned area.
scumbag Lekos
ahaha lekos :D
when start this tournament
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Nick: Carlos Ort

Role: support

Wanna have a chance in this tournaments
seem amazing !
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