Riot Games & ESL unite to produce LoL Championship Series in Europe
The Electronic Sports League will help produce and host Riot Games’ European LCS in the ESL Arena in Cologne. One of the world’s leading eSports platform, ESL, and Riot Games, developer of League of Legends will expand their long-term relationship in 2013. ESL continues to be the main partner of Riot Games’ eSports activities in Europe.

League of Legends Championship Series

The eight best League of Legends teams in Europe will be competing in the ESL Arena in Cologne, Germany on a weekly basis to determine the European Champions and representatives at the grand final of the World Championship at the end of 2013. The eSports video broadcasting company of ESL TV will broadcast the European LCS games live and free in a full HD stream.

Ralf Reichert, Managing Director at Turtle Entertainment:
“League of Legends has taken the eSports world by storm in record speed, with millions of enthusiastic players worldwide. Riot Games has high expectations of its own game as well as the professional tournaments. We are proud of the great trust Riot puts in us to celebrate the fascination with League of Legends at the highest level of gaming. We are looking forward to some unforgettable moments in the ESL Arena, our new eSports temple.”

Dustin Beck, Vice President eSports at Riot Games:
League of Legends fans have made it clear that they care about eSports, and so we’re committed to making Season 3 the best experience possible, both for the pros competing and for fans watching at home. ESL has years of experience producing amazing eSports events, and we’re looking forward to working with them to make the European LCS awesome. Their new ESL Arena will be an excellent home to the very best League of Legends players in Europe.
otacon, Tuesday, 29/01/13 10:43
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Gogo ESL and Riot!
nice job ^^
very nice!
Double awesomeness!
are we able to watch the games live in cologne?
kxn wrote:
are we able to watch the games live in cologne?

Yes, more details to be announced very soon.
League of Legends asserts its dominance again, dota 2 sucks
Finally! I knew this day would come and it couldn't come any sooner.
n1 let's go on :D i hope this gonna be a big event!
It was bound to happen.
So if I decide to go and watch a game in Cologne, will there be English coverage for non-german speaking viewers?
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