EU Nordic & East - Go4LoL #230 - €450 Prize Money
The 230th Cup of the worlds biggest weekly cup series in League of Legends takes place on Sunday, with a prize pot of €450! You can win €300 for first place and €150 for 2nd place with Riot Points.
The top 64 teams also earn ranking points towards the €500 monthly final. Sign up now and enjoy the League of Legends! It's not too late, to earn a good place in the next cups and you'll play in the monthly finals for the €500 prize money!

Go4LoL EU Nordic & East Cup #230

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Date: Sunday, 25th of January
Start: 15:00 CET
Check-in: 14:40 CET

5on5 Summoners Rift - Single Elimination Tournament

Additional Prizes for Go4LoL EU Nordic & East

1. €300 + 20 € RP per Player
2. €150 + 15 € RP per Player
3. 10 € RP per Player
4. 5 € RP per Player

Cup Rules

Pause Rule: In matches played with the Tournament Draft Mode is it forbidden to use the pause without an obvious reason like a player disconnect.

Tournament Code duty: All Matches have to be played with the provided Tournament Code. If you have questions or problems, please ask an Admin in the Cup Chat.

Screenshot upload: A screenshot has to be uploaded as proof in the case there are match problems.

More Info: Go4LoL EU Nordic & East Portal

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Good luck and have fun!
// Your Admin Team
NachtkindFX, Friday, 23/01/15 05:54
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