Peanut warriors vs. Cruel Ultimatum
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 Peanut warriors
 Cruel Ultimatum
Status: closed
MatchID 25947440
Date Sunday, 15/04/12 12:30
Calculated 15/04/12 13:20
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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0 : 1
Cruel Ultimatum wins !
15/04/12 13:18
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171 kB, 15/04/12 13:18, by 5367452 (CU)
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Cruel Ultimatum

Peanut warriors

Peanut warriors
15/04/12 12:42
Not in time
We waited for CU's fifth man for 30minutes. That is too long. We are at the moment picking champions but the statement by being not in time i hope you look into.
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You waited for 10 mins * The game was set to start 18:30, we started 18:40 and already said sorry for having a guy late. 10 mins late tho, not 30.
The match should start 15/04/12 18:30, and we startet 18:40. That's only 10 min, but we are ofcause sorry for beeing late.
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Need an admin to change the state of the match, its currently on "aborted" - Need you TieKey to change it to CU winning
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