WiLD.CoolerMaster - LoLinact vs. Too strooonk for u
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 WiLD.CoolerMaster - LoLinact
 Too strooonk for u
Status: closed
MatchID 25764544
Date Sunday, 01/04/12 12:30
Calculated 01/04/12 12:56
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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0 : 1
Too strooonk for u wins !
01/04/12 12:56
Round 1*
218 kB, 01/04/12 12:56, by Zsokker (WiLD.CMina)
* No longer available

Too strooonk for u

WiLD.CoolerMaster - LoLinact

Too strooonk for u
01/04/12 13:07
It was mistake by Zsokker , leader of WiLD , they putted they win but we won. So if you can fix it please. Thank you :)
bad bracklet
TSFU won the match, plz change in the bracklet
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ops, my bad TSFU won
TSFU won the game
Yea , we won game , it was bad result , so if you can fix it . Ty
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