Koala From China vs. Lets Play Netcafe
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 Koala From China
 Lets Play Netcafe
Status: closed
MatchID 25520246
Date Friday, 09 March 19:00
Calculated Friday, 09 March 19:59
Round Semifinals
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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0 : 1
Lets Play Netcafe wins !
Friday, 09 March 19:59
Round 1*
624 kB, Friday, 09 March 19:59, by Grinka (LPN)
Sunday, 04 March 23:40
294 kB, Sunday, 04 March 23:40, by Grinka (LPN)
Sunday, 04 March 23:39
276 kB, Sunday, 04 March 23:39, by Grinka (LPN)
Sunday, 04 March 23:41
294 kB, Sunday, 04 March 23:41, by Grinka (LPN)
* No longer available

Koala From China

Lets Play Netcafe

Lets Play Netcafe
04/03/12 17:38
About postponing
We have read the statement from KFC. We do NOT agree on postponing and since no admins directly told us that we have to postpone we will file this in as a ff.

If any problems occur or the admin Torbi wishes to contact us here is our information:

GRINKA mail: Mulibuli1@hotmail.com
Username on esl: Grinka
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KFC Statement: Due to huge delay, of the Go4Lol tournament, we decided to postpone the semifinal match for another day(according to a statement from admin 'Torbo', that in current circumstances we can postpone semifinals/finals) - the tournament took far too long, it's 23:30 pm atm, and we are unable to play semifinals because of the late hour. The delay wasn't caused by us, but the ESL laaging site, and Fragzone finishing its matches late.

We suggest to postpone match for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, or even saturday - depending on what our opponents prefer.

With regards

Elendix, KFC
LPN statement: Since no admins are giving any verdict concerning this issue we will wait for Torbo himself to deal with this. Unless we get a decision from an admin directly telling us we have to postpone, we will not agree on postponing. We are awaiting the verdict of Torbo before we do any further actions even play the finals since we cant be declared the winner of the match between us and KFC.
...aren't any ESL admins looking forward to resolving this issue? Can we at least get a deadline for this match or something?
Hey Guys, please finish this match so fast as you can!
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