Koala From China vs. Lets Play Netcafe
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 Koala From China
 Lets Play Netcafe
Status: closed
MatchID 25520246
Date Friday, 09 March 19:00
Calculated Friday, 09 March 19:59
Round Semifinals
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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0 : 1
Lets Play Netcafe wins !
Sunday, 04 March 23:40
294 kB, Sunday, 04 March 23:40, by Grinka (LPN)
Sunday, 04 March 23:39
276 kB, Sunday, 04 March 23:39, by Grinka (LPN)
Sunday, 04 March 23:41
294 kB, Sunday, 04 March 23:41, by Grinka (LPN)
Friday, 09 March 19:59
Round 1*
624 kB, Friday, 09 March 19:59, by Grinka (LPN)
* No longer available

Koala From China

Lets Play Netcafe

Lets Play Netcafe
04/03/12 17:38
About postponing
We have read the statement from KFC. We do NOT agree on postponing and since no admins directly told us that we have to postpone we will file this in as a ff.

If any problems occur or the admin Torbi wishes to contact us here is our information:

GRINKA mail: [email protected]
Username on esl: Grinka
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