LostNameInProgress vs. Starry eyed EU
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 Starry eyed EU
Status: closed
MatchID 25231516
Date Sunday, 05/02/12 15:30
Calculated 08/02/12 11:53
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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0 : 1
Starry eyed EU wins !
07/02/12 14:01
end result*
351 kB, 07/02/12 14:01, by Coldreaver (EYED)
* No longer available
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Are you playing? If not contact us via IRC.
Both teams agreed to postpone, admin aprroved:

[22:12] <HopSiup> hi
[22:12] <HopSiup> can we pospone 3rd place match
[22:12] <HopSiup> both teams agree
[22:13] <ESL|Hupentier> hi
[22:13] <ESL|Hupentier> if both teams agree
[22:13] <ESL|Hupentier> but you must play this match until 11.2.2012

We will arange this game and upload result. TY
Why does it say that Guru Gaming got the third place , loololololol :3
Guru wins always even when we dont play...
vital vs inty will play tonight, 19:00 CET
vital won, i cant update score result since its protest status, there is a screen shot of victory screen
y i wrote to admin with confirmed scr too. GG
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