Intensive Gank Unit vs. The_killers
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 Intensive Gank Unit
Status: closed
MatchID 25231390
Date Sunday, 05/02/12 09:00
Calculated 05/02/12 10:14
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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1 : 0
Intensive Gank Unit wins !

Intensive Gank Unit


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Are you playing? If not, contact us via IRC.
Please upload a screenshot of the after match lobby and confirm the result in the matchsetup.
Btw, their actual lineup was not the same as listed. Actual lineup: Nkvdmkd, Jakovpro, Cescc, Komitax and Mattiude
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teutooni , komitax = martinxLOL , mattiude = vlatko04 , :D
congratulation for ur win
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