Guru Gaming vs. Team Vires
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 Guru Gaming
 Team Vires
Status: closed
MatchID 24731625
Date Sunday, 11/12/11 13:15
Calculated 11/12/11 14:57
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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1 : 0
Guru Gaming wins !
11/12/11 15:06
IM VS Guru picks*
279 kB, 11/12/11 15:06, by 6009014 (Vires)
11/12/11 15:35
325 kB, 11/12/11 15:35, by Cro Assasin (guru)
* No longer available
comments (7)
In the case of a regame, rehost the game as a blind pick game and start the match with the same picks as agreed before.
hmm.. well they did leave champ select after bans/picks to change runes
A leave in champ select can happen.

But this is an auto re host with blind pick. The bans and picks will not be changed afterwards.
Situation is this.

1. They make the new game blind pick all same etc etc.
2. They leave right in beginning of game and never come back.
3. We push mid and win in 6 minute.
Man, this was so unfair. When we started the 1st game they saw our summoner spells. The 2 that were in the game before they left saw them... Also they countered in runes etc... Not a fair game:(
We get absolutely screwed. We knew about this beforehand and the right thing for this would have been to redo everything. This is not over.
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