Gramy bo lubimy vs. UrsynowGaming
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 Gramy bo lubimy
Status: closed
MatchID 24493358
Date Sunday, 06/11/11 11:30
Calculated 06/11/11 11:36
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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1 : 0
Gramy bo lubimy wins !
06/11/11 11:26
Round 1*
389 kB, 06/11/11 11:26, by smoku (GBL)
* No longer available

Gramy bo lubimy

06/11/11 11:43
To polish employee.

if some polish admin can just give a look for this chat and decide , they are so agressive and talking about my place of living , i feel touched and i hope you will do something with such a disgrace. Uprightness should win once again.
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room gbl vs ursynow
haslo esl123

host gorgondzolla
Are you playing? If not, contact us via IRC.
We have a problem , my client crashed right after 100% of loading for everyone , so we asked for remake , but our enemies refused it . Is that right ? I cant find that in rules.
there is no remake option check the rules,thats why we played 4 vs 5 last game for 15 minutes

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Btw u reconected before minions spawned, wp
MaQ wrote:

Btw u reconected before minions spawned, wp

MaQ wrote:

Btw u reconected before minions spawned, wp

ffs sorry for triple post -_-
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