Crown of Heroes vs. Royal Gaming
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 Crown of Heroes
 Royal Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 24493271
Date Sunday, 06/11/11 09:00
Calculated 06/11/11 10:30
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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Royal Gaming wins !
06/11/11 10:30
pic 1 for bad behavior*
1.3 MB, 06/11/11 10:30, by 5886559 (CoH)
06/11/11 10:30
pic 2 for bad behavior*
1.0 MB, 06/11/11 10:30, by 5886559 (CoH)
06/11/11 10:10
400 kB, 06/11/11 10:10, by xOrgy (RG)
* No longer available

Royal Gaming

Royal Gaming
06/11/11 10:19

It was not flaming he just write he got slow pc thats it, It`s not flame no rude words, nothing. + what do you mean with non leaders speaking ?
Crown of Heroes
06/11/11 10:11
flaming and none leaders speaking in all.
2 of their team members kept doing the entire match flaming our Nocturne since he has a slow computer, said everything from calculator computer.

it was Gretchins and Ziema writing alot about it in the all chat. whilte xOrgy are leader. we find this unacceptable behavior.
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