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Name 2high4name
Shorthandle 2h4n
Registered since 16/10/11
Homepage http://www.nemame.cz
Headquarters  Czechia
Yo momma's so fat, she gives Cho'Gath 6 stacks upon death.

Yo momma's so old, Nasus's wither had no effect

Yo momma's so ugly that before Amumu saw her he was 'The Smiling Mummy'.

Yo momma's so fat, blitzcrank gets pulled to her

Yo momma's So Ugly that Maokais zapplings ran away from her.

Yo momma's so ugly, when she goes invisible no one buys Oracles.
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Latest matches
  League of Legends EU East and Nordic Go4LoL Cup #61 (Sun 30.10.11)
loss   e-Srael Gaming  0 Sunday, 30/10/11 10:00 2
  League of Legends 5on5 Go4LoL CZSK Cup #3
loss   Storm Games Clan lol  0 Tuesday, 25/10/11 13:00 2
wins   Electronic Sports League .LoL  + 2 Tuesday, 25/10/11 12:00 2
  League of Legends EU East and Nordic Go4LoL Cup #60 (Sun 23.10.11)
loss   PlayGENEesport  0 Sunday, 23/10/11 09:00 1
  League of Legends EU East and Nordic 5on5 Champions Club #28
loss   Special TactiX  0 Thursday, 20/10/11 12:00 1