kane add exw mplok vs. Facecheck that bush
Contestants Parameters

 kane add exw mplok
 Facecheck that bush
Status: closed
MatchID 30059691
Date Sunday, 11 May 16:15
Calculated Sunday, 11 May 16:39
Round Round of 64
best_of 1
map Summoners Rift
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0 : 1
Facecheck that bush wins ! (Default Win)
Sunday, 11 May 16:13
No show
238 kB, Sunday, 11 May 16:13, by 8393418
No show
The opponents didnt show up for the match.

Team Facecheck that Bush
comments (1)
We are still waiting for the opponents or the forfeit by them ... the team for next round is waiting for it too.

Thanks for your reply
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