Babe vs. ZuzaS Gaming
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 ZuzaS Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 29650706
Date Sunday, 09 February 18:15
Calculated Sunday, 09 February 19:58
Round Round of 32
best_of 1
map Summoners Rift
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1 : 0
Babe wins !
Sunday, 09 February 18:33
15+mins passed
441 kB, Sunday, 09 February 18:33, by BaGzYSrBiN (BB)


ZuzaS Gaming

comments (5)
Zuzas Gaming did not appear, i posted SS.

Team "Babe"
There was a mistake. Our opponents was late coz of website shut down
We were playing our previous match, could not join this game
thats why we are coming late too
We can confirm that they were playing their last game.
Please play this game.
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