Ciulpk Bybasa vs. The Beast Never Dies
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 Ciulpk Bybasa
 The Beast Never Dies
Status: closed
MatchID 29234390
Date Sunday, 17 November 18:15
Calculated Tuesday, 19 November 18:20
Round Round of 32
best_of 1
map Summoners Rift
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Ciulpk Bybasa wins ! (Default Win)
Sunday, 17 November 19:47
Pink Candies bm
125 kB, Sunday, 17 November 19:47, by 6596527 (LFS)
Tuesday, 19 November 18:17
enemy didnt show up
158 kB, Tuesday, 19 November 18:17, by 6596527 (LFS)
comments (15)
Hello! We are delaying the cup for 1 hour incase not fixed cup will be delayed to a other day. So your match should start around 18:45~
hey guys,are u playing now?
We will soon, waiting login queue.
will u play the game after this one?
guys did your game started ?
<ESL|Pimmal|ON> new informations: All round 32 matches are move to to wednesday 18:00 CET. all round 64 matches need to be played before tuesday 23:59 CET.

then nope
no we gonna play on wednesday 18:00 cet
Hello, if there are any problems please contact us on IRC.
well i think there is a problem and it is 4 posts above, Wednesday is the problem's keyword
Hello all participants of "League of Legends EU Nordic & East Go4LoL Cup #168 (Sun 17.11.13)"!

Due to some small problems we are forced to move the Go4LoL again. here under is the updated and final time.

Round 32 will start at Tuesday 18:00 CET
Round 64 Needs to be played before Monday 23:59 CET

Best regards,
Your Admin Team
hey but where is this information?
in email adress of your esl account
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