nEophyte.ROCCAT vs. Biologichni Izdunki 62-ra
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 Biologichni Izdunki 62-ra
Status: closed
MatchID 29001159
Date Sunday, 29 September 17:30
Calculated Sunday, 29 September 17:37
Round Round of 32
best_of 1
map Summoners Rift
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1 : 0
nEophyte.ROCCAT wins ! (Default Win)

Biologichni Izdunki 62-ra


29/09/13 10:37
Gameaccount mismatches:

auprqup has no ESL account
phreakz971 (Player 6895246) does not belong to team 7913648
comments (5)
auprqup has no ESL account and phreakz971 isn't in the team... Biologichni change it NOW! or you will be disqualified
so? what can we play? or wait. And we must make custom game bc esl game coundt start
okay team Biologichni disqualified
OBJECTION , i have requested account auprqup to be added to my profile for a mounth now . esl still did not fix this. we win fair and square , but since esl didnt do their part now we are disqualified !
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