dennis  id: 1524265
CPU Inter Core Duo E6550 2,33 GHz
Videocard ATi Radeon X1950 GT
Storage 150 GB
Motherboard Gigabyte gedöns
Display BenQ 19"
OS Windows XP
Mouse MX 518
Mousepad Steelseries NP+
Keyboard Logitech
Headphones Icemat Siberia White
Connection DSL 16000
TV Samsung 39" FULL HD 100HZ
Console(s) Xbox360
Mobile Phone HTC Wildfire
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Map Shakuras
Clan SK
Player aAaNerchio
Game Hero Deathknight
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Zerg & Undead
Genre RTS
Console Xbox 360
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[1st] Liga4Fun Group 2 Season II 5on5 SMASHED (et)
[1st] Opencup Fall 2010 Groupstage Third League 5on5 with SMASHED (et)
[1st] Opencup Fall 2009 Groupstage Fourth League with iM(et)
[1st] City Cup [i]with[/i] syLt (et)
[1st] ESL 2on2 Summer Cup/06 Groupstage (et)
[1st] CoD4 3on3 W2TJ v6.9 LAN (cod4)
[1st] warleagues Bravo Group with mF' (rtcw)
[1st] warleagues Bravo Group with rEM (rtcw)
[1st] WolfensteinBundesliga 2003 |TFP| (rtcw)
[1st] RtCW-Liga |TFP| (rtcw)
[1st] Liga4Fun 3on3 Groupstage core.revolution
[2nd] Liga4Fun 5on5 Finalcup
[2nd] ESL 3on3 Summer Cup/06 Groupstage (et)
[2nd] Clanbase Opencup Fall 2009 4th Division
[2nd] Liga4Fun 6on6 Groupstage core.revolution
[3rd] ESL 2on2 Summer Cup Playoffs (et)
[3rd] ClanBase BFE Battle for Europe with mF' (rtcw)
[3rd] OC with rEM (et)
[3rd] CSS 3on3 W2TJ v 6.9 LAN (css)
[3rd] CS 3on3 W2TJ v 6.9 LAN (cs)
[3rd] DotA 3on3 W2TJ v 6.9 LAN (wc3)