Dev  id: 4433041
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60Ghz
RAM 1023 MB
Videocard GeForce 8600 GT
Soundcard Karta wstepu na coke live
Storage bo betonowy
Motherboard DVD-RW
Display monitoring - Solid Security
OS Pustynna Burza
Antivirus Baza wirusow, zostala zaktualizowana
Mouse Roccat Kone
Mouse Skatez -ll-
Mousepad Qck pad Steelseries
Keyboard Microsoft Random Keyboard xD
Headphones 9 zl's pro sluchawas headphones
Connection dwa megabity bejbe
Wheel/Pedals Nie ee
Joypad Tez nie : /
TV Okil
Sound system Dolby Surround 6.9 system
Console(s) pod tylda
Handheld(s) wole legheld(y)
Drink Double Martini with Ice just to look nice baby
Food po trawie sie nie chodzi :s
Movie Imperium
Music Rap, RnB, DnB
Song W zaleznosci od dnia ...
Book jakas gruba, zeby mozna bylo pod cos podlozyc :s
Actor / Actress Vin Diesel
Athlete Ciastek (uprawiajaca jogging na inferno)
Map de_dust2
Clan Ruff Ryderz <3
Player FYAH Girls <3
Game Hero Tidus z FFX
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Adam
Console Playstation <3
I'm kind friendly, your worst enemy,
charming crass and potentially dangerous,
have you ever heard of such?
I'm invisible and impossible to touch ...

Rubber-grip-holder, reloader
Come at me I'ma rip your soliders in half
Silverback ape, nickle-plated mag
Young, rich, and flashy
Young, b!tch, I'm nasty
All black clothes til ice lay on me so classy
And every time I close my lids
I can still see the borough, I can still see the Bridge
I can still see the dreams that my fellas ain't never lived to see
Tell them angels open the door for me
From nine berettas and moving raw
To chilling in wine cellars
Sticks and humidors
That's what I call mature
That's what I call a g
That's what I call a pimp
That's what I call a gangsta
To the fullest, sh!t
I try to make more cream
By every September 14th, that's my dream
So I can be more clean, as I grow yearly
I can see things more clearly
That's why they fear me