Balkan Devils vs. GR-OF Myrmidons
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 Balkan Devils
 GR-OF Myrmidons
Status: closed
MatchID 27923388
Date Sunday, 03 March 16:15
Calculated Sunday, 03 March 17:15
Round Round of 128
best_of 1
map Summoners Rift
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0 : 1
GR-OF Myrmidons wins ! (Default Win)
Sunday, 03 March 17:09
Round 1
239 kB, Sunday, 03 March 17:09, by Vourligan (GROF)

GR-OF Myrmidons

GR-OF Myrmidons
03/03/13 10:44
not showed up.
They didnt even check in for the tourn :p
comments (5)
Their team Leader said they didnt check in.
Need proof(screenshot) to pass you to next round.
You don't have ESL clock in the screenshot but I'll take you by your word and pass your team to next round. Would be cool if you can update the screenshot.
They told us they didnt even check in for the tournament...
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